Manos en Acción 2021

Through the company T5, supplier and friend, we reached Manos en Acción; an NGO that is dedicated to providing a space for nutrition, education and support for children between 0-18 years of age, and their families.

Manos has become over the years a refuge for more than 900 children who daily receive breakfast, lunch, afternoon snacks, school support, family support and workshops. They have two residences: Río Luján and Lucchetti.

At Casin, we assume a real and genuine commitment, which is backed by concrete actions. We are aware that if we can help others, why not do it? For this reason, we contribute our grain of sand to Manos so that today’s children can have opportunities tomorrow.

As of June 2021, on a monthly and sustained basis, we collaborate with a monetary contribution so that a Nutrition graduate can visit both residences and thus be able to develop meal plans that contribute to the correct nutrition of each of them.

Likewise, during the months of July and August 2021, we joined Manos campaign for «A warmer winter» and carried out a collection of clothes among all Casinenses and their families.

During the month of September 2021, and in conjunction with another organization, we carried out the donation and delivery of glasses for more than 100 school-age children who needed them and could not access them. A child who can see well can study better and begin to change his future.

Our commitment to Manos en Acción goes beyond the actions we can take, given that each of its members are very valuable people to all of us; day by day they offer the best of themselves in pursuit of a fairer, more equitable future with opportunities. They simply spread the desire to help.

We accompany their goals because they are also ours! We are motivated and proud to know that we have a very long road ahead to go through together.

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