Privacy Policy

We inform all Users who access to this Website that Casin & Asociados S.R.L. (hereinafter, “Casin”) is the administrator company in charge of this Internet domain, and is liable for the effective compliance of Law 25326 (hereinafter, the «Habeas Data And Personal Data Protection Law»), its corresponding regulations and applicable rules.

The Website is addressed to individuals of legal age and/or capable of exercising their rights and  incur liabilities, according to the provisions of the legislation in force. Users under 18 years of age shall not use the Website or provide their personal data to Casin, except with the express authorization and consent of their legal representatives or guardian.

Privacy Statement

This privacy policy stipulates the terms and conditions regarding use and protection of any data and information provided by Users when using the Website.

The terms “personal data”, “sensitive data”, “data owner”, shall have the meaning provided for in section 2 of the Habeas Data and Personal Data Protection Law.

Legal Disclaimer

Website content has the exclusive aim of informing, describing services provided by Casin; as well as gathering and processing data entered by User in the contact form for the purpose of providing personalized advice, on the understanding that such data was provided voluntarily and in line with the purpose of Casin.

Given the changing nature of applicable laws and the risks inherent in electronic communication, there may be delays, omissions or inaccuracies in the information contained on the Website. Therefore, Users shall take into account that such information is not part of the services referred to in the Legal Notice of the Website and that is offered for information purposes only.

Casin shall under no circumstances be liable towards User or any other person, of any decision made or measure taken based on the information offered on the Website, nor for any direct, indirect or potential damages.


Casin commits itself to ensure the security of the information and/or personal data provided by User through this Website. Accordingly, when a User is asked to fill out the forms with such information, Casin assumes the immediate liability for providing and processing the same in accordance with this privacy statement and under these terms and conditions and may update the same at any time.

Personal Data Protection

Casin complies with any and all personal data protection regulations and, in particular, with the Habeas Data and Personal Data Protection Law and its regulatory decree.

Therefore, Casin informs that it only collects personal data required and appropriate for the provision of services and the use of the Website, respecting the ownership of such personal data and using them for the purpose for which they were collected.

In compliance with the Habeas Data and Personal Data Protection Law, Casin hereby informs all Users that they may exercise their right to access to any personal data entered on the Website (hereinafter, the “Confidential Information”), free of charge and at intervals of not less than six months, unless a legitimate interest to that effect is demonstrated, in accordance with the provisions of section 14, paragraph 3 of the Habeas Data and Personal Data Protection Law. If necessary, the User has also the right to rectify and/or delete the Confidential Information. For the purposes of exercising the rights provided for in this section, Users shall contact the following e-mail address:

The Agency for Access to Public Information,  which is the supervisory authority of the Habeas Data and Personal Data Protection Law and its regulations, is responsible for handling complaints and claims filed in connection with non-compliance with the rules on personal data protection.

Furthermore, to ensure data security and reinforce the commitment of Casin with User, the same level of diligence that Casin applies to its own information, shall be applied.

We also inform that Casin provides training to all those professionals in charge of managing the Confidential Information, to implement a policy in line with the international security and privacy standards.

The Confidential Information provided by Users must be true, accurate and complete, and Users shall be fully responsible for any damages that its non-compliance may cause to Casin and/or third parties.

Applicable Law

The terms and conditions are exclusively governed by the laws of the Argentina.

Legal Address

For the purposes of the terms and conditions, Casin informs that its registered office is located at Florida 622, Piso 3, Of. 9, 1005, Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina, and that all notices provided herein shall be sent to the referred address.